Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daily Wisdom Challenge - Week 15 in Review

What a week!  I noticed a lot of my insights took on a much more personal meaning for me.  Grateful for a loving God who allows me to see areas in my life where I need guidance.  

I'm already 15 weeks into the "Daily Wisdom Challenge" (a.k.a "Twitter Bible Study")!  I am engaged in a "chronological" reading plan in which I am reading the entire Bible over the course of 2011.  I have been enjoying both the challenge of actually keeping up my daily Bible reading as well as trying to gain insight from what I've read.  I have been read the daily verses as outlined in my reading plan for the past several weeks.  Each day I post insight on the readings in 140 characters (or less!) to the DWC blog, as well as to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Let me re-cap Week 15 for you in case you did not see them on my Twitter or Facebook page.  I'll throw links in for the biblical references so you don't even have to dig up your own Bible if you don't want.  These are just my own reflections.  I hope they are useful to someone other than myself.  Please feel free to comment with any of your own bits of wisdom!  

Week 15 - Daily Wisdom Challenge Insights
by Sarah Fontenot

Day 99 - Despite the Lord's warnings they longed to be like other nations & have a king. How often do we ignore the Lord to follow the crowd? 1 Samuel 4 - 8

Day 100 - People given the king they asked for but warned about returning to sinful ways. What do we do after receiving answer to prayer? 1 Samuel 9 - 12

Day 101 - Foolish oath leads to foolish actions leads to sin. Do our actions help/hinder our ability to hear what the Lord is saying? 1 Samuel 13 - 14

Day 102 - It isn't good enough to "kind of" follow God's commands. Obey Him wholeheartedly. There are consequences for your disobedience. 1 Samuel 15 - 17

Day 103 - How does our jealousy or envy towards those who "have it all" cause us to behave towards them? Or about them behind their backs? 1 Samuel 18 - 29, Psalm 11, Psalm 59

Day 104 - Someone has been out to get you for no reason. Given chance to get even, do we get them first or treat in a way pleasing to God? 1 Samuel 21 - 24

Day 105 - Ps 31:7 "I will be glad & rejoice in ur unfailing love, for u have seen my troubles, and you care about the anguish of my soul."//Grateful! Psalm 7, Psalm 27, Psalm 31, Psalm 34, Psalm 52

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