Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Moira!

Seven years ago today, Ron and I welcomed our precious little girl, Moira Jane, into the world.  She was 5 weeks early and was a whopping 4 lbs 13.7 oz when she was born!

For the past seven years, we've been on an amazing adventure with this little girl.  She is full of energy - more than I think I can keep up with most of the time.  She is a very bubbly and outgoing child.  She is the exact opposite of me.  I sometimes don't know what to do with her because she's so different from the way I was, and still am to some degree!  Moira is so incredibly funny.  My dad always comments, "Who writes her lines??"  She has a wonderful sense of humor.  She is also very sharp.  She's a very smart little girl.  Moira loves to read.  She's one of the more advanced readers in her class.  She is in first grade and is reading at least one grade level ahead of where her grade level would dictate.  Moira is very imaginative and creative.  She loves to draw, color, play video games, watch movies, and ride her bike.

Moira's life is not typical of most kids her age.  Moira's the most loving big sister to Peyton, who has multiple special needs and who is medically fragile.  We try as much as we can to shield Moira from the struggles we go through with Peyton, but like I said, she's sharp.  Not much gets past her.  Moira is so loving and compassionate towards her sister.  She knows more about medical stuff than kids her age should ever know...and has known for years!

In an effort to provide Moira with some very much-needed Mommy-Daughter time, I, along with my dad, took Moira to Disney World last weekend to celebrate her birthday.

Moira and Grandpa outside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom

I think the sign says it all!

Cinderella Castle

Moira and Mary Poppins

Moira earned her first pair of ears!

Moira, Walt & Mickey

Moira, you are an absolute joy and blessing in our lives.  Keep on being the sweet girl that you are.  I love you so very much!!  Happy 7th Birthday!!!

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