Friday, March 4, 2011

Daily Wisdom Challenge - Week 9 in Review

Today marks the completion of Week 9 of the "Daily Wisdom Challenge" (a.k.a "Twitter Bible Study")!  I am engaged in a "chronological" reading plan in which I am reading the entire Bible over the course of 2011.  I have been enjoying both the challenge of actually keeping up my daily Bible reading as well as trying to gain insight from what I've read.  I have been read the daily verses as outlined in my reading plan for the past 63 days.  Each day I post insight on the readings in 140 characters (or less!) to the DWC blog, as well as to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I thought I would get this blog post done early as in just a few short hours, my Dad, Moira and I will be hitting the road heading to Orlando, FL.  Tomorrow we'll be hanging with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom as an early birthday gift for Moira's upcoming 7th birthday!

Let me re-cap Week 9 for you in case you did not see them on my 
Twitter or Facebook page.  I'll throw links in for the biblical references so you don't even have to dig up your own Bible if you don't want.  These are just my own reflections.  I hope they are useful to someone other than myself.  Please feel free to comment with any of your own bits of wisdom!  

Week 9 - Daily Wisdom Challenge Insights
by Sarah Fontenot

Day 57 - What an awesome responsibility for those who must personally bear the weight of that which is most precious to the Lord. Numbers 7

Day 58 - We must be prepared at all times to follow the Lord. If He commands us to make a move, we need to be ready and obedient to act. Numbers 8 - 10

Day 59 - How often do we grumble about what we have/attack God for not providing when He always has/will provide us with everything we need? Numbers 11 - 13

Day 60 - Our days are numbered. Should we spend them grumbling & angry? Or seeking wisdom & praising God for His unfailing love? Numbers 14 - 15, Psalm 90

Day 61 - Some people just refuse to be satisfied and take pleasure in grumbling. How do these people affect our journey with the Lord? Numbers 16 - 17

Day 62 - No pressure at all being the one responsible for preventing the wrath of God from coming down on an entire nation.  Numbers 18 - 20

Day 63 - The Israelites should've been living in the 2nd thought rather than grumbling the whole time Moses was leading them out of Egypt. Numbers 21 - 23

Ok, so now you're asking...What is the second thought???  This goes along with our First Wednesday service from March 2, 2011.  Click on the link on "First Wednesday" to go to a site where you can view this message.  I promise you it is worth the visit!!

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