Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Wisdom Challenge - Week 6 in Review

Today ends the first six weeks of the "Daily Wisdom Challenge" (a.k.a "Twitter Bible Study")!  I am engaged in a "chronological" reading plan in which I am reading the entire Bible over the course of 2011.  I have been enjoying both the challenge of actually keeping up my daily Bible reading as well as trying to gain insight from what I read.  For 42 days I have read the daily verses as outlined in my reading plan.  I have also written insight on the readings in 140 characters (or less!) and posted to the DWC blog, as well as to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The past few days have been particularly challenging.  I'm still immersed in Exodus.  Moses is leading his people and the Lord is speaking to Moses about this journey.  They are at the point of building the ark of the covenant, the sanctuary and the tabernacle and all the accompanying items.  It has been very challenging for me because it's moved away from reading as a story to being incredibly bogged down in the details of how each of these items is to be constructed.  It's extremely repetitive - you know what I'm talking about if you've ever read it.  For me, it's been more of a challenge to gain insight from all these details.  I'm finding, though, if I just take some time and even pray about it as I'm reading, it is possible to actually learn something valuable.

Let me re-cap Week 6 for you in case you did not see them on my Twitter or Facebook page.  I'll throw links in for the biblical references so you don't even have to dig up your own Bible if you don't want.  These are just my own reflections.  I hope they are useful to someone other than myself.  Please feel free to comment with any of your own bits of wisdom!  

Week 6 - Daily Wisdom Challenge Insights
by Sarah Fontenot

Day 36 - Ten simple rules. How are we doing at following them? Are we creating enough room in our lives for honoring God by obeying Him? Exodus 19 - 21

Day 37 - Moses displays ultimate obedience to God, following his commands without question. How many can say we follow God w/out questioning? Exodus 22 - 24

Day 38 - Some VERY specific instructions. What type of dwelling place have we set up for God who lives amongst us? Does it honor Him? Exodus 25 - 27

Day 39 - In what ways do we show our reverence/honor for God who dwells in us? Do we live such that others see that His spirit dwells in us? Exodus 28 - 29

Day 40 - Impatience waiting on word from God led to creation of idols/corruption. What idols are in our lives which block us from hearing Him? Exodus 30 - 32

Day 41 - Before we even know where our path will lead, God has equipped us with the skills we need to fulfill His plan for us. Exodus 33 - 35

Day 42 - Amazing what can be created/accomplished when everyone comes together with offerings/talents for a common purpose. Exodus 36 - 38

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