Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's Growing Up!

My little "baby", Moira, is growing up faster than I care to think about! On Friday, May 28th, she participated in the May Pole celebration at Daniel Island School. This is their tradition for their kindergarten and fifth grade graduates. It was a really nice ceremony...quite hot and sunny outside...but really nice.

The day started out indoors with a "Young Author's Celebration" in her classroom. During this time, the children were all presented with a bound book that the teacher, Mrs. Brown, had made up for each of them. The books contained pictures and journal items that were collected over the course of the year in order to showcase how their writing skills had grown. The book starts out with simple letters and words and ends with the ability to compose multiple sentences. I'm so proud of Moira for how she has grown in this area. It's really great to see not only the writing skills, but the artwork that went along with the writing. It's interesting to see just what she is thinking sometimes. She's very in tune with our family, as there was a picture included of me at the hospital with Peyton - with Peyton being in a wheelchair.

After this celebration, the children processed outside where they had a May Pole celebration. All of the girls were to wear white dresses while the boys in each classroom were assigned a specific colour of shirt to wear with khaki shorts. The boys in Moira's class wore lime green. As an aside, I am very thankful to Hilary Surratt - among her many talents, she makes hairbows. I had won a couple in a contest on her blog recently and I went to her and asked her if she could create a hairbow for Moira for this special day that would incorporate the white and lime green. She did a wonderful job. Moira absolutely loved her bow!! Anyway, the school principal came out to address the people. The children sang a song. The kindergarteners and fifth graders then participated in the May Pole dance. It started with the younger children each holding a ribbon and walking or skipping around the pole. After they did their thing, the older children took the ribbons and began their portion, where they began weaving in and out until the ribbons were all woven together around the pole. It was pretty neat to see. I'm sure I'd have gotten myself all tangled up in the ribbons, but they did a great job. I suppose in five year's time we will be back for the same ceremony with Moira as she participates in this portion of the dance! What really got to me was to see the fifth grade girls who no longer look like little kids - who are beginning to look like young little women. That is only FIVE years from now!! I am not ready for that!!

We moved back inside once this celebration was over. Moira's class had prepared a couple of songs to perform for the parents. That was a lot of fun. After that, the children spent some time signing each others books that they had received earlier. At the end of it all, we ventured over to Smythe Park, which is a lovely park with a big lake and pirate themed playground equipment. We had a class picnic and then went home.

I took several pictures throughout the day. Click HERE for a link to my facebook photo album to view the pictures. You don't have to be on facebook yourself to be able to see them.

Yesterday, June 2nd, was officially the last day of school. Moira has completed kindergarten and will be moving on to first grade in August!! She received her report card yesterday and it was absolutely perfect! We also received the report for her DIBELS testing - the standardized assessments that the school district uses throughout the year. This testing is done three times a year. We were so impressed when her first round of testing in September had her meeting year-end benchmarks in one category and exceeding the benchmark for that time period and mid-year in the other categories. Mid-year testing had us, once again, very impressed with her abilities. AT year end, Moira's score in one category was nearly DOUBLE the year-end benchmark. In two other categories she exceeded, BY FAR, the end of year benchmarks, and she once again attained a score in one category where there is no set kindergarten benchmark. I am SO incredibly proud of Moira, I could cry!! She also came home with certificates (as I'm sure the other kids did too) for the Responsibility Award, Master of Mathematics, Bookworm Award, and Amazing Artist.

Congratulations Moira!! Keep up the excellent work. You make us SO very proud!!

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