Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Thorn

This year I had an opportunity to become involved in an Easter production at church. It is called "The Thorn". The Thorn is an Easter passion play like nothing you've ever seen before. It's like The Passion of the Christ meets Cirque de Soleil. I decided to get involved in some way, not knowing I'd actually wind up in the show. Mind you, I'm one of the many townspeople, but that doesn't matter to me! I actually wound up getting Moira involved in it. I figured it would be an opportunity for her to get more involved in church herself, but it would give her an opportunity to do something that's just for her and has nothing to do with Peyton. I really was feeling like she needed something. This came about at the perfect time.

The rehearsal schedule has been pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday night for the last month or two. We actually had our first Saturday practice today. We're getting very close to opening night, so they ramped up the schedule a bit. This was the very first time we ran through the performance from start to finish.....twice. The major roles (i.e. Jesus) are double-cast so we ran through with A Cast and then again with B Cast. The townspeople (like Moira and I) are not A or B, so we do every show. There are going to be about 14-18 shows between March 18th and April 3rd. It depends on if the "tentative" shows actually go on.

We are really looking forward to The Thorn. It's going to be absolutely amazing. It is an experience where even in practices you can feel the Holy Spirit present in the room. It's going to change lives. I know it's affected my life!!

You can learn more about it on their website

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